Campaign Video


At the core of most (great) strategies is a strong message that resonates across multiple platforms.

That is why campaign videos are a phenomenal way to engage your audience across platforms and drive your message home over an extended period of time. Always keeping top of mind how the platform is aligned with your audience is one of the strongest considerations for any good marketer. By establishing a strong campaign that keeps this at the forefront and leverages all their mediums, a marketer can ensure that their content is being seen, but also that its viewers are acting on it (landing pages, purchasing, sharing).

Did you know that where text and video are available, 72% of people would rather watch video?

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This is how we collaborated with CPA Education Foundation to create a video campaign that would help them meet their fundraising goals for the ‘No Limits’ campaign. This is an innitiative that seeks to promote indigenous communities throughout Canada to pursuing higher education.