If you are trying to tell an authentic story, documentaries are a wonderful way to capture and introduce an audience to a non-fictitious topic that you’d like to explore in detail.

There are different kinds of documentaries, but all of them follow a similar structure by telling a story that provides the viewer with authentic insight that otherwise may not have been easily available to them. As such, documentaries can often take a long-form and are therefore best suited to an audience you confidently know will be engaged and captivated for the length of your piece. That is why documentaries are often best used in settings like screenings or on-demand.

Alternatively, short-docs provide a better outlet for telling a story in less detail and a shorter timeline. They are therefore better suited for audiences who could be persuaded to consume that content in online platforms or at events.

Similar work in our Portfolio

This is how we helped Parkland County create a short documentary about the early phase-out of coal and the impact that this govermnet measurement had in their community.