Event Video


Sometimes you have to be there to experience it.

Then again, that is where event video can be effective in reminding people why your event was or can be a huge hit. Event videos, when done properly, don’t tell you about ‘why’ you should attend, or ‘what’ you missed. Rather, they engage audiences at a deeper level where they make them feel, understand, or even experience what your event will be like. They can achieve that through careful storytelling and building hype around your event with music, sound effects and teasing footage that showcases what they can expect.

Similar work in our Portfolio

This is how we partnered with Edmonton International Airport (EIA) to record an event video for their 2017 Christmas stunt. The intent behind this stunt was to thank flyers for spending hard-earned dollars on flights over the Christmas season all while giving away some amazing prizes. The reactions captured were nothing short of priceless.