An effective video is so much more than stunning visuals. 

We keep that at the forefront of all our projects, always working with our clients to create a strategy that keeps in mind their viewers, thoughtful messaging and robust distribution efforts.

Below is a small sample of projects across a number of different industries that are representative of some of our best work. Through these case studies,  we dig a little deeper into how we help our clients reach their goals using video.


Trade & Investment

City of Champions

“A city of grit, and love. A work hard, play hard, kind of place.”

We were delighted to work with EEDC to make a video that would inspire Edmontonians while sharing our story. This was a wonderful 5-day shoot that took us to 21 Edmonton locations and featured 42 incredible cast members who perfectly showcased what a city filled with everyday champions looks like.


Heavy Industry & Construction

Here’s to hands that build

After a challenging 2014 due to an economic downturn, Finning chose to revitalize their brand with an inspirational rally-cry to employees and customers alike about the company’s foundational presence across generations of equipment owners. Our challenge was to create something gritty, authentic and emotion-driven that would reflect an aspirational brand while earning the trust of the everyday, hardworking Canadian.

Explore Edmonton - Copper.jpg

Travel & Tourism

World, meet Edmonton

We are big fans of the city we call home. That is why, when we had the opportunity to produce a web series alongside Edmonton Tourism to showcase everything that makes our city and people so special, we knew this was a project we could put our hearts and minds behind. Three years and over 60+ videos later, we continue to work wiht them on putting Edmonton in the map in both local and international markets.


Design | Architecture

Design as a force for community wellbeing

Using the power of design and architecture to improve communities and the environment is at the forefront of DIALOG’s philosophy. That is why we partnered with them to develop a series that highlights some of their most meaningful projects and how they impact the daily life of their end-users.

Parkland Count

Government | Community


Under the province of Alberta new Climate Leadership Plan announced in 2015, all coal plants are required to go offline by the year 2030. This is 31 years sooner than the initially proposed federal timeline of 2061 and had a huge repercussion on Parkland County, who agaisnt adversity aimed to create a platform to educate and advocate on behalf of it’s community the impact of an accelerated phase-out of coal mining.


Arts & Culture

Edmonton artists in the spotlight

There is a tremendous amount of talent in our city, that is why, Edmonton Arts Council recognizes up and coming artists, across all genres with grants to support their continued pursuit for excellence. During late 2017 and early 2018 we interviewed a whooping 22 award recipients to learn more about their craft and tell their story to fellow Edmontonians and art enthusiasts. Here are their stories.


Charities & Foundations

Every ticket makes a difference

Every year, Full House Lottery helps fundraise in support of the
University Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. In this video series, we sought to capture the story of how the lives of patients are changed thanks to the generosity of people who purchase yearly tickets from FullHouse Lottery Foundation.

Edmonton International Airport

Experiential Stunt | Travel

Bringing holiday joy to travelers

In 2017, we partnered with Edmonton International Airport to record a Christmas stunt campaign following EIA’s desire to thank flyers for spending hard-earned dollars on flights over the Christmas season. We captured this experience real-time as flyers were met with a special surprise while awaiting by their departing flights. The reactions captured were nothing short of priceless.

CPA Alberta.jpg

Non-Profit | Education

Creating opportunities for Indigenous Albertans

CPA Alberta’s ‘No Limits’ initiative seeks to improve accessibility to education for Indigenous Albertans. In this project, we took a direct role in creating video content that would be the anchor in enabling CPA to fundraise $150,000 CAD for this project amongst members.


Theatre & Performing Arts

Bringing theatre to digital life

For the past two seasons, we have worked with Citadel Theatre to produce videos of their plays. The goal in mind: to create world-class teasers that would enable them to promote their plays in digital mediums. Over two years and 15+ videos later we continue to work with Citadel Theatre to help put them and their productions on the map.

Warner Bros

TV | Broadcast | International

Bragging about the best backyard in the world

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Warner Bros Netherlands to produce an episode of their hit reality TV series, “World’s Most Dangerous Roads.” Acting as their local producer, we helped their Dutch viewers discover just how amazing Canada is as we hit the road for 5 days of driving from Edmonton to Vancouver.


Oil & Gas

Revolutionizing pipeline abandonment technology

Pipeline abandonment has traditionally been a complicated process that requires big crews, excavation and potentially unsafe practices if not well done. NuWave Industries set forth to simplify this process by creating a new technology that allows for a much easier, safer, and environmentally mindful well abandonment.